Variety – Riesling

Region – Alsace

Country – France

Year – 2013

Price – £13.95

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About This Wine

Why Riesling hasn’t taken off in mainstream consumption is beyond us (and most wine experts). Maybe it’s the misconception that Riesling is only a sweet wine, or maybe it’s the bad rep it had in the 1970s to early 1990s for overproducing sticky off-dries (Blue nun anyone?).

But this version is a superb wine from one of the top biodynamic estates in Alsace, a beautiful French region that borders Germany. Alsace’s ownership has swapped country hands several times over the centuries – and if you’re lucky enough to visit the region you can experience its mixed culture and architecture.

Winemaker Jean-Christophe Bott is the man behind the bottle and one of the new generation’s up-and-coming stars. Soon after taking the family reins, he converted to biodynamic viticulture, reduced the number of grapes grown, picked everything by hand and let nature take its course in the cellar.

The result is a bone-dry wine, with citrus, flowers and almost asphyxiation levels of acidity. If you can manage to leave it in a cool dark place for a few years (no, we can’t either), you’ll get that infamous petrol smell. Or drink it young and enjoy clean, white peach flavours.

Yes, this delight is both organic and biodynamic to its core. And no, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a hangover if you finish the bottle on your own.

Cheat sheet

Tastes Like:

Salty citrus, white peach and a very subtle hint of that weirdly appealing sniff you get when pulling into a petrol station

Goes with:

Pork or rich fish like salmon or tuna. Serve with oven-roasted tomatoes

Gusto levels:

A rich wine yet delivers a slap in the saliva glands

Drinking style:

Round and full, but refreshing and delicious. Enhanced with food

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