Variety – Garnacha/ Carignan (touch of Syrah)

Region – Priorat

Country – Spain

Year – 2014

Price – £12

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About This Wine

Wine labelling rules are a minefield. Once you think you understand one country, you realise the rules are different in another. We won’t go on too much about labelling – you’re here to talk about the wine – but it’s important to know that there are two distinct wine regions in Spain that carry the DOCa label – the highest classification for a wine region. The first is well known to everyone: Rioja.  The other is Priorat, a tiny region in Catalan, 60 miles inland from Barcelona. Despite this quality stamp, it seems relatively anonymous outside Spain compared to its counterpart.

The title of this wine Cop de Man means ‘lend a hand’. There is a real sense of community in Catalan culture – particularly in wine where growers and producers all work together – and the label’s image clearly alludes to these values.

The grapes of Priorat are Garnacha and Carignan, two of the reddest and fruitiest. A touch of Syrah has been added here, giving a pepper spice to the finish.  Priorat can be expensive, but this is a good intro to this region without breaking the bank.

Cheat sheet

Tastes Like:

Lots of red cherries, possibly a few ripe plums, unwashed to give it an earthy taste. Then sprinkle with spice

Goes with:

Big plate of charcuterie

Gusto levels:

The touch of Syrah gives this a kick and stops it from being just a juicy-fruity

Drinking style:

Gusty wine but surprisingly smooth and lasts

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