Variety – Sauvignon blanc

Region – Sancerre

Country – France

Year – 2014

Price – £18.00-£22.00

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About This Wine

Our go-to summer white has to be a Sancerre. Located at the very eastern tail of the beautiful Loire Valley in France and made from Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerres tend to be clear, crisp, grassy, lemony, chalky and sometimes nettley  – in a good way.

More than anywhere else in the world, the folk of Sancerre make their wines to reflect their homes rather than the grape. Much less feisty than passionfruit-punching New Zealand Sauvs, Sancerre’s restrained style is more a dainty-gloved slap.

Many a wine snob has turned their nose up at Sauvignon Blanc – placing it in the ‘simple wine’ bucket. But good Sancerres have a bit more going on, displaying a texture and richness that command equal footing with any premier white.

This particular favourite of the Natter Valley gang is all of the above. At £20+ (in some places), it might seem rather flashy for a summer white, but Emile Balland’s Croq Caillotte is made from only one hectare of vine (that roughly equates to only 600 cases) – making it one of the elites. While Emile has only been making her wine since 1999, she has firm vine roots, being part of a winemaking family that’s been doing this since 1650.

This is a wine to drink with friends in the sun on payday.

Cheat sheet

Tastes Like:

Subtle gooseberry, lemon peel, with an almost savoury finish

Goes with:

Two words: Goats cheese

Gusto levels:

Elegant doesn’t mean powerless. Think Elizabeth Taylor

Drinking style:

Try not to gulp down. Flavours open up after a few hours

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