Variety – Zinfandel

Region – Napa Valley

Country – USA

Year – 2014

Price – £24.99

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About This Wine

We used to think a US Zinfandel was confined to ‘white blush’ – that pink, sugary rosé your auntie brings out at every family summer barbecue. But how wrong we were.

We first came across Frog’s Leap while driving around Napa. Set back from the well-trodden path many visitors take, this picturesque farm home provided an amazing atmosphere, breathtaking views, a cute dog and a Zinfandel – or ‘Zin’ as the locals call it – that was brilliantly red, full-bodied and luxurious. Not a crimson blush in sight. Instead, we met black cherries, rich plums and a sweet peppery spice.

US wines – and in particular Napa wines – can be big, bold and demand your attention. But the guys at Frog’s Leap are a little more laid back, turning things down a notch with a style that showcases everything that is good about Napa wines.

Stashing away a few bottles in our luggage would only to keep us going for so long. Imagine our happiness when we came across Frog’s Leap at Berry Bros and Waitrose. You can even find it in Whole Foods. (It must be good for you.)

Let the good times continue…


Did you know? Zinfandel (US) and Primitivo (Italy) are genetically the same grape.

Cheat sheet

Tastes Like:

Black cherries and rich plums that have been sprinkled with a sweet peppery spice

Goes with:

Spicy barbecued grilled meat – a classic match

Gusto levels:


Drinking style:

Powerful flavours but not too tannic (dry mouth)

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