Variety – Pinot Noir 

Region – Sancerre

Country – France

Year – 2013

Price – £18

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About This Wine

So here we are, getting down with the wine lingo, ordering by region (rather than grape) at a fancy-pants restaurant and then the waiter turns and asks: ‘Red or white?’ Hang on there!! Sancerre is a white and a Sauvignon Blanc, right? Well, there’s actually a red version from this region made with the Pinot Noir grape.

Not to get all disheartened though – only a quarter of Sancerre’s vines are Pinot and less than 3 per cent of what is exported is red wine. So in short, knowing that there are red Sancerres out there is hard, but finding one can be even harder.

This version – produced by son  – of father and son combo Gérard and Pierre Morin – is both impressive and affordable, setting you back the same as a good, middle-range white version. Their vines lie in Bué, arguably the most prestigious village in the whole of Sancerre (I am informed). The Morins’ setup also runs on the belief that great wine can only be made when the vines can stretch out (“low yields” I’m informed) selecting the very best grapes  (harvested all by hand). While hard work for them, it’s good times for us.

This delicious red is best on a warm autumn evening with friends who can’t decide what to order in. You can also serve it chilled come summertime when you’re sick of rosé.

Cheat sheet

Tastes Like:

Overwhelming juicy with a hint of richness – like a biscuit – almost a very elegant jammy –dodger

Goes with:

Goes well on a summer night when you do nothing but nibble crisps. Alternatively, could lively up a turkey on Christmas day

Gusto levels:

They have style; they have grace…

Drinking style:

Can easily crack into bottle two without realising…

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