Variety – Chardonnay 

Region – Tasmania 

Country – Australia 

Year – 2010

Price – £25

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About This Wine

Chardon-yay? Uhhhh Chardon-NO!

Chardonnay suffers a bad rep and at the bottom of this PR-disaster barrel is the Australian Chardonnay. It’s what your mum and auntie crack into on their girls’ night out. It’s the only wine dodgy Pete from the off licence at the bottom of your road sells. And although you like butter, the term ‘buttery’ sounds gross in a wine glass. Oz’s infamous amber wine has always seemed overly peachy, overly oaked, overly aggressive. And for good reason. But here we found something special and while you may have to pay more for it than Pete’s prices, sometimes it’s worth spending a bit more when the occasion suits. 

This Chardonnay challenges the stereotype. It’s less Summer Bay and more Champs-Élysées. From the ocean-cooled region of Tasmania, this is pleasantly restrained, not too heavy or alcoholic, and unburdened by the love of oak.

For a moment, you might mistake it for a top-quality Burgundy, but its lively energy and flamboyant touches remind you that this is more of a Tasmanian devil.

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Tastes Like:

Deliciously creamy richness of citrus, flowers, nuts and honey – but defies all the rules by still being delicately light

Goes with:

Grilled scallops

Gusto levels:

Acts all shy and refined but turns on the intensity. Definitively would hustle you in a staring contest

Drinking style:

Goes all out after being open for a few hours. Food makes it

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