Variety –Riesling 

Region – Rüdesheim

Country – Germany 

Year – 2014

Price – £14.99

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About This Wine

Riesling is dismissed by many and summed up in the much-repeated falsehood that it’s a sweet wine. It has also been weighed down by a bad rep of producing sickly off-dry whites. But this one will surprise you – it’s lively, limey and just lovely.

German winemaker of the year (2011) Johanne Leitz runs the family estate in Rheingau, one of the smallest (accounting for just 3% of Germany’s vineyard area) yet most important in Germany.

Riesling is the most aromatic wine in the world and one of our favourites. If you are still scared of Riesling’s sweetie or bold character, this is a good starter in trying one on the other scale.  One sniff of Johanne’s juice will fill your nose with fresh green apple and lime. Its powerful fruity acidic taste evokes a shake of the head and a cry of ‘hullabaloo’. Yet, once down, Leitz turns smooth and succulent, caressing your throat with gentle apricot kisses. If nothing else, this wine leaves you feeling a little bit dazed and confused.

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Tastes Like:

Green apple, citrus fruits, a little bit stony and a lovely limely taste that’s left in your mouth

Goes with:

Grilled white fish with a tomato and lime salsa

Gusto levels:

A freshness that leaves a tingle in your chops

Drinking style:

Easy, approachable and lasting flavours

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