Variety – Cabernet Franc/ Merlot

Region – Bordeaux

Country – France

Year – 2010

Price – £12.75

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About This Wine

Bordeaux is a flashy git. The largest fine wine region and home to celebrities like Chateau Margaux, Petrus and Lafite-Rothschild. With over 700 million bottles each year, it’s also France’s largest producer.

But between premium and unremarkable there lies a secret stash of beautiful, easy-on-the-pocket wines led by a legion of new-generation winemakers. These guys are exploiting small yet accomplished plots in lesser-known developing regions.

This Cabernet Franc and Merlot alliance from producer Les Monicord is part of that gang. Located in the green, hilly postcard village of Verac, eight miles north-west of Bordeaux’s right bank Fronsac, winemakers Joep and Mireille Bakx are doing things their way.

Bordeaux is often seen as a big, masculine wine. But head to the Right Bank and things get a lot lighter. The Bakx clique has managed to create a spritely and effortless wine that tastes of fruits picked on a country walk. They have also thrown out the fat middleman and sell wines directly from their site. You can even add their tasty jam to your basket.

Also gone is Bordeaux’s traditional-style labelling and in its place is something far more modern and chic. Each wine has a story and the concept for this particular bottle is: ’All good things come in pairs.’

Well, two bottles it is then­…

Cheat sheet

Tastes Like:

Ripe earthly cherries, blackberries and leaf (you were in a rush) picked fresh on your country walk

Goes with:

Pink lamb with spring vegetables

Gusto levels:

Be patience – decant for an hour or so – and gusto increases

Drinking style:

Lighter than the others in Bordeaux (it’s the Cab Franc), this is deliciously easy

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