Variety – Garganega

Region – Soave

Country –Italy

Year – 2014

Price – £12.00

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About This Wine

Soave, a beautiful hilly area in northern Italy, produces dry, light-bodied white wines. Soaves are made with the Garganega grape and while dry, light and flirty like a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris, they have a smooth, oily rich roundness to them.

There are two faces of Soave: the small family wineries that make up around 10 per cent of production and the big cooperatives that run the rest. The Pieropan family are part of the former, with capo Leonildo running this acclaimed winery with his wife and two sons.

Soave is also a favourite that carries with it the fragments of a bit of a bad rep. You see, back in the 1970s and 1980s, Soave got a bit too popular for its own good. To keep up with demand, farmers started edging out into flatter land to grow more grapes. The result was a lot of Soave that was cheap and pretty bad. Now the Classico labelling indicates original hillside production and it’s seen as being of better quality.

This Classico is gorgeously fresh with blossom flowers, almond and a touch of citrus. Bella, bella, bellissimo…

Cheat sheet

Tastes Like:

A smooth concoction of nuts, citrus, mandarin and white blossoms

Goes with:

Pretty much anything.

Gusto levels:

Intense and complex – like a Smith’s fan

Drinking style:

Flexible. Summer to winter, this wine shines. Hide away for a few years and this Classico will age gracefully

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