Variety – Fiano

Region – Sicily

Country – Italy

Year – 2015

Price – £28.00

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About This Wine

Ahhhh Siiiiciily. An island located at the foot of Italy, made famous by the Corleones, Cinema Paradiso and its active volcano. Sicily was also known for its large wine production (second in Italy and as big as Chile and South Africa), most of which was OK to slurp if poured, but never something to shout about. But in recent years, wine-knows have started to rave about Sicilian wine and the island is establishing a bit of a reputation for the good stuff.

Planeta is one of those producers at the centre of this renaissance – starting out small and experimental in the mid 1980s, to becoming one of the largest modern producers on the island.

We sampled a number of Planeta’s offerings when visiting Sicily last week (coincidently on the rainiest week of the year). All were impressive – and helped us past the unplanned indoor time – but this particular wine was one that really stood out and made us want to buy more back home.

Unbeknown to us, Planeta’s Cometa has already achieved cult status – made with the fabulously in-vogue Fiano, a relatively unknown white Italy variety.

It’s a gutsy wine, with tangerine, grapefruit, white peach and thyme, and a richness that leaves a delicious oily mouth texture. Yet, despite all this richness, it feels refreshing and balanced.

Bring a bottle to a fancy-pants dinner party to impress your white-Burgundy-loving friends.

Cheat sheet

Tastes Like:

Plateful of quince, fennel, ripe peach, and sweet nectarines

Goes with:

Linguine with clams (no tomato sauce in Sicily)  

Gusto levels:

All those flavours are held together in an acidic tension

Drinking style:


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