Who We Are

A team of misfit wine-knows (and wine-nots) on a mission to find those wines we can't shut up about

We Love
What We Do


Well, technically it is – but wine is so much more! A reason to gather friends, feast till your belly is content and we’ll happily help you do so with the most interesting wines out there. It doesn’t matter how much a bottle costs, great wine is whatever suits you.

Why We Started


Wine can be daunting, risky, snobby and downright baffling. The result of which can be that you stick to what you know and miss out on some amazing wines. But you shouldn’t have to take an expensive course to drink well. We want to help you discover a bit more about the alternatives.

Meet the team


Nathalie is our wine-know. She loves to talk about wine, taste wine, learn about wine and generally spends most of her days waiting for an appropriate time to open a bottle. Her motto is that life is too short to drink bad wine (and crappy coffee). She is aiming to get all the wine-know lapel pins and has an increasing obsession about finding the perfect Cabernet Franc.


Cate is a big vino fan, with a pretty good level of wine knowledge. Her go-to wines are usually the Latin-types - Amarone Valpolicella, Barolo, Malbec - and she turns her nose up at Gewürztraminer. Cate recently fell in love with a Torrontes and Bonarda in Argentina. She is the funny one in the group.


Beck doesn’t discriminate - she’ll drink anything. She has been known to destroy a premium vodka with coke, and regularly uses the line - “I just smell wine”. That said, she likes to learn about new flavours and generally her rule is just that it needs to be delicious.


Stuart is our foodie. Having worked as a chef at top London restaurants to fun pop-ups, he believes wine and food should always go hand-in-hand. Stuart is always trying new pairings and only cooks with in-season ingredients. He believes the only way to evolve your palate is through food, and is keen to help others experience his culinary delights.